blog_Innovation intermediaries and emerging digital technologies: what have we learned

source: CIMR14th July 2020Events The online workshop “Innovation intermediaries and emerging digital technologies: policy and practice”, held on July 7th, aimed to foster debate about the challenges that companies encounter in navigating the digital…

How can we evaluate the performance of innovation intermediaries?

short blog by Dr Federica Rossi (CIMR Deputy Director) about some of recent work on innovation policy by Annalisa Caloffi, Riccardo Righi, Federica Rossi and Margherita Russo also available at CIMR website Innovation intermediaries are…

incentives for collaborative R&D improve SMEs’ ability to network with others

While policy interventions to support innovation have traditionally consisted in the provision of subsidies (including tax relief) to companies that invest in R&D, in recent years public incentives for collaborative innovation have become widespread. Through…

What drives efficiency in knowledge transfer?

Dr Federica Rossi, lecturer in economics discusses increasing expectations on universities to demonstrate the positive economic and social impacts of their activities, and her research into measuring the efficiency of their efforts. 

blog_Policies for innovation networks: do requirements on network composition work?

Federica Rossi, Annalisa Caloffi and Margherita Russo Innovation policies increasingly support innovation networks involving firms and other organisations, in a number of ways – alongside traditional interventions targeted at individual firms, like Research and Development…

blog_Do we need public research funding? book

Aldo Geuna and Federica Rossi explore the many ways in which universities contribute to economic development and growth.

blog_Can policy transform regions into entrepreneurship and innovation hubs? Theory, Evidence and Practice

a post by Helen Lawton Smith on the workshop hosted by Birkbeck College’s Centre for Innovation Management Research (CIMR) on Friday 4 December, with a contribution also by Federica Rossi, Annalisa Caloffi and Margherita Russo