Innovation policy mix: a cross-country analyis

Public innovation intermediaries and digital co-creation. Research contribution to the OECD TIP Co-creation project (2020)

Accessible online: Federica Rossi, Birkbeck, University of London, UK ( (corresponding author)Annalisa Caloffi, University of Florence, Italy ( Colovic, NEOMA Business School, France ( Russo, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy ( Executive…

How to use the STIP data for analysis and evidence-based policymaking?

4 December 2020 14.00-15:30, virtual event EC-OECD Innovation and growth, webinar series “Using STI policy evidence for analysis and advice: Introducing the STIP Data Lab“ Panel discussion:Margherita Russo, Professor, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia…

blog_Innovation intermediaries and emerging digital technologies: what have we learned

source: CIMR14th July 2020Events The online workshop “Innovation intermediaries and emerging digital technologies: policy and practice”, held on July 7th, aimed to foster debate about the challenges that companies encounter in navigating the digital…

Online event_Innovation intermediaries and emerging digital technologies: policy and practice

blog | Presentations available to download | Link to workshop recording The Centre for Innovation Management Research organises online event, on July 7th 2020, 14:00-16:30, to present and discuss the results of the research project on “I4I”…

How can we evaluate the performance of innovation intermediaries?

short blog by Dr Federica Rossi (CIMR Deputy Director) about some of recent work on innovation policy by Annalisa Caloffi, Riccardo Righi, Federica Rossi and Margherita Russo also available at CIMR website Innovation intermediaries are…

Multilayer Network Analysis of Innovation Intermediaries’ Activities

Russo M., Caloffi A., Righi R., Righi S., Rossi F. (2020) ‘Multilayer Network Analysis of Innovation Intermediaries’ Activities’, in Ragozini, G. and Vitale, M. P. (eds) Challenges in Social Network Research: Methods and Applications. Cham:…

incentives for collaborative R&D improve SMEs’ ability to network with others

While policy interventions to support innovation have traditionally consisted in the provision of subsidies (including tax relief) to companies that invest in R&D, in recent years public incentives for collaborative innovation have become widespread. Through…

Technological Revolutions and Policy Evolution: The Case of Publicly Funded Innovation Intermediaries in the Context of Emerging Digital Technologies @RSA Winter Conference 2019

paper presented at the Regional Studies Association Winter Conference 2019 Turbulent Times: Rethinking Regions and Cities Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury, United Kingdom 14th November- 15th November 2019 program Friday 15th November 2019 09:00-11:00 Parallel Paper…

What innovation policy mix does matter for which countries? Patterns emerging from multidimensional analyses on STIP Compass platform

Margherita Russo and Pasquale pavone, DEMB Working Paper Series 159/2019

RIS3 mapping in EU regions: an interactive tool

R&I mapping seminars and workshops

25th June 2019. Workshop on “RIS3 in macro-regional strategies: building a comparative framework to learn from other regions”, Milan, Italy programme 23rd November 2018 _Laboratorio della Regione Toscana. Firenze, Italy . Analisi e valutazione della…

The changing role of public intermediaries in the context of emerging digital technologies: evidence from France and the UK

Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi, Margherita Russo and Ana Colovic
@ R&D Management Conference 2019, “The Innovation Challenge: Bridging Research, Industry and Society”, 19-21 June, Paris, France

The evaluation of a policy mix: evidence from the interplay of two regional small business programmes

Federica Rossi, Annalisa Caloffi, Marzia Freo, Stefano Ghinoi, Margherita Russo
@ the Conference on Impact of Research and Innovation Policy at the Crossroads of Policy Design, Implementation and Evaluation, 5-6 November 2018, Vienna

Innovation intermediaries as a response to system failures

Margherita Russo, Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi and Riccardo Righi (2018)
in ‘Geography, Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, edited by Gråsjö, Karlsson and Bernhard, Edward Elgar Publish., 2018, ISBN 978 1 78643 989 5

A comparative evaluation of regional subsidies for collaborative and individual R&D in small and medium-sized enterprises

Annalisa Caloffi, Marco Mariani, Federica Rossi, Margherita Russo
Research Policy, 47 (2018) 1437–1447,

A Methodological Approach to Investigate Interactive Dynamics in Innovative Socio-Economic Complex Systems

Riccardo Righi
Italian Journal of Applied Statistics, 2018 (April),

WPTIP 1993-2017: a longitudinal analysis of issues, connections and impact of the discussion on technology and innovation policy at Oecd

Margherita Russo and Pasquale Pavone
DEMB Working Paper 2017, n.119, DEMB Working Paper Series, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia

What drives efficiency in knowledge transfer?

Dr Federica Rossi, lecturer in economics discusses increasing expectations on universities to demonstrate the positive economic and social impacts of their activities, and her research into measuring the efficiency of their efforts. 

What is knwoledge transfer?

Dr Federica Rossi from Birkbeck’s Department of Management discusses her research on measuring the efficiency of university knowledge transfer activities.

blog_Policies for innovation networks: do requirements on network composition work?

Federica Rossi, Annalisa Caloffi and Margherita Russo Innovation policies increasingly support innovation networks involving firms and other organisations, in a number of ways – alongside traditional interventions targeted at individual firms, like Research and Development…

blog_Do we need public research funding? book

Aldo Geuna and Federica Rossi explore the many ways in which universities contribute to economic development and growth.

Designing performance-based incentives for innovation intermediaries

published new evidence from regional innovation poles, by M. Russo, A. Caloffi, R. Righi and F. Rossi

New paths for the application of DCI in social sciences_at WIVACE 2016

At WIVACE2016 (Salerno, 4-7 October): Paper on “New paths for the application of DCI in social sciences”, by Righi. Roli. Russo, Serra and Villani

Multilayer network analysis_at OECD Blue Sky Conference 2016

poster and short paper accepted at the OECD Blue Sky Conference 2016, Ghent 19-21 September 2016 Multilayer network analysis of innovation intermediaries’ activities: methodological issues and an application to a regional policy programme Margherita Russo*° | Annalisa Caloffi‡ |…

The behavioural additionality of innovation policy_at ERSA 2016

Vienna | 23-26 August 2016 | Congress of the European Regional Science Association: Annalisa Caloffi presents a paper, with Federica Rossi and Margherita Russo, on counterfactual analysis of the impact of innovation policies

Designing performance-based incentives for innovation intermediaries_at Uddevalla 2016

June 30 – July 2, 2016, 19th Uddevalla Symposium 2016, Federica Rossi presents the results from the regional innovation poles policy

Designing performance-based incentives for innovation intermediaries_at DRUID 2016

at the 20th DRUID Conference (, June 13 – 15, 2016 Venue: Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, DK Annalisa Caloffi presents the paper Designing performance-based incentives for innovation intermediaries: evidence from regional innovation poles, by Margherita Russo*, Annalisa Caloffi^,…

Emerging communities in multilayers networks: Analysis of a regional policy programme_at EUSN 2016

17 June 2016, EUSN 2016 Conference, Paris, Margherita Russo will present the results on multilayers networks

Networks of virtual relationships: promotion of the system of innovation poles in the web space_at EUSN 2016

15 June 2016, at EUSN 2016 Conference, Paris, Margherita Russo will present the results on real and virtual networks in the innovation poles’ system

Regional innovation policy to support SMEs clusters in Tuscany_at the OECD workshop in Berlin

7 April 2016, short talk by Margherita Russo at the workshop “New Cluster Policies and Tools to Support Emerging Industries and System Innovation”, organized by OECD and the European Cluster Observatory, Berlin,

Evaluating the performance of publicly-funded regional innovation intermediaries: insights from the experience of Tuscany’s innovation poles

abstract accepted at the 19th Uddevalla Symposium, London, June 30- July 2nd, 2016

Detection of communities of agents interacting through regional innovation policies

Seminar by Riccardo Righi, Modena, 1st march 2016

Networked by design: Can policy requirements influence organisations’ networking behaviour?

Rossi, Federica, Annalisa Caloffi, and Margherita Russo. 2016.
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 105 (April): 203–14.

Promotion of the system of innovation poles in the web space: analysis of content and networks of virtual relationships

DEMB Working Paper Series N. 74

blog_Can policy transform regions into entrepreneurship and innovation hubs? Theory, Evidence and Practice

a post by Helen Lawton Smith on the workshop hosted by Birkbeck College’s Centre for Innovation Management Research (CIMR) on Friday 4 December, with a contribution also by Federica Rossi, Annalisa Caloffi and Margherita Russo

Consegnata la relazione finale del progetto

26 ottobre 2015: inviata alla Regione Toscana la versione aggiornata della Relazione finale che il gruppo di ricerca ha elaborato su analisi e modellizzazione dei poli di innovazione in Toscana

Evaluating the performance of regional innovation intermediaries: insights from the experience of Tuscany’s technopoles

4 dicembre 2015: presentazione al Workshop “Can Policy Transform Regions into Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hubs? Theory, Evidence and Practice”, Birkbeck Centre for Innovation Management Research (CIMR), London

Emerging communities in multilayers networks: analysis of a regional policy programme

30-novembre-1 dicembre 2015: “Networks, Complexity, and Economic Development” MTA KRTK ‑ Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Budapest

Multidimensional networks emerging in a regional policy programme

2-3 novembre 2015: relazione al 1st EAEPE – RA[X] Workshop: New Frontiers and Methodological Advances in Cooperation and Network Research, Essen, Germany

A stochastic actor oriented approach to model policy-driven innovation network dynamics

13th Decembre 2015 Federica Rossi’ presentation in the Session “Methods and models for social networks data” at the CMStatistics 2015, London

Evaluating the performance of innovation intermediaries

fteval – Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation, journal issue n. 41 – “EVALUATION OF INTERMEDARY ORGANIZATIONS” & DEMB – Working paper series n. 62

Relazione finale_bozza

30 giugno 2015: Consegnata la bozza della relazione finale del progetto

Meta-managers in Local Innovation System: a Network Perspective (2015)

27 June 2015: presentazione alla Sunbelt XXXV – International Sunbelt Social Network Conference. Sessione Inter-Organizational Networks 4, Brighton (UK), speaker Stefano Ghinoi

Focus group con i poli di innovazione

6 giugno 2015: un confronto tra i rappresentanti delle organizzazioni capofila e il gruppo di ricerca per condividere strumenti di analisi dell’azione dei poli di innovazione

The evolution of policy-driven innovation networks at regional level: evidence from a stochastic actor oriented approach

30 aprile 2015:ARS’15 Workshop, “Large Networks and Big Data. New methodological challenges”, Capri, speakers: Domenico De Stefano and Susanna Zaccarin

Network policies to strengthen the regional innovation system. The Case of Innovation Poles in Tuscany 2011-2014 (2015)

25 May 2015: Regional Studies Association Annual Conference 2015 – Global Growth Agendas: Regions, Institutions and Sustainability, Piacenza, speaker Margherita Russo presentazione della relazione intermedia

20 febbraio 2015: Incontro di presentazione dei risultati emersi dalla Relazione Intermedia e successivi aggiornamenti, Firenze

Analysis of emergent competence networks in a regional innovation system (2014)

13 nov. 2014: International Workshop “Multivariate Techniques for the Analysis of Network Data”, Salerno, speaker Riccardo Righi

Identifying different types of intermediaries in innovation networks: some evidence from a regional policy framework

25 sept. 2014: ECCS ’14 European Conference on Complex Systems. Session “COMPWORLD – Complexity in Real World Practices: Reshaping the Relationship”, Lucca, speaker Margherita Russo

Analysis of emergent competence networks in a regional innovation system: what can we learn from alternative methods? (2014)

25 sept. 2014: ECCS ’14 European Conference on Complex Systems. Sessione “DyS-CS – Dinamical Structures in Complex System: an information theoretic perspective”, Lucca, speakers  Margherita Russo and Riccardo Righi

The analysis and the evaluation of R&D collaboration policies

11-13 settembre 2014: Sessione nel convegno AISRE organizzata dal gruppo di ricerca

An analysis of complex innovation policies: the case of innovation poles (2014)

11-13 sept. 2014: XXXV Conferenza scientifica annuale AISRe, Padova, speaker Annalisa Caloffi

AISRE 2014_Session on “The analysis and the evaluation of R&D collaboration policies” (2014)

11-13 sept 2014: XXXV Conferenza scientifica annuale AISRe, Padova, Organizers: Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi, Margherita Russo

Prima presentazione della ricerca

7 febbraio 2014: il gruppo di ricerca presenta ai Poli di innovazione lo stato di avanzamento della ricerca

Can policy design help organizations to improve their networking capabilities? (2013)

14-15 nov 2013: International Conference on “Evaluation of STI Policies, Instruments and Organisations”, Vienna, speakers: Margherita Russo and Annalisa Caloffi

What makes SMEs more likely to collaborate? (2013)

7-9 nov 2013, EAPE Annual Conference, Parigi, speakers: Federica Rossi and Margherita Russo

Intermediaries and intermediation roles in innovation: an application to a set of policy-elicited networks (2013)

2-3 sept. 2013: XXXIV Conferenza scientifica annuale AISRe, Palermo, speaker Annalisa Caloffi

Firms’ relational patterns within a regional policy framework (2013)

20-22 giugno 2013: International Workshop ARS, Roma, speaker Annalisa Caloffi

Local networks and innovation: analysis, models and implications for policy

Workshop, 19-20 Settembre 2012, Modena, su Reti locali e innovazione: analisi, modelli e implicazioni per le politiche