Politiche di innovazione e trasferimento tecnologico in Toscana

DEMB Working Paper Series n.44
Politiche di innovazione  e trasferimento tecnologico in Toscana. Ricognizione degli strumenti attivati nel periodo 2000-2013

di Margherita Russo, Francesco Silvestri Valentina Fiordelmondo, Annalisa Caloffi, Federica Rossi, Stefano Ghinoi, Antonio Kaulard 

December 2014

ISSN: 2281-440X online

Abstract. The survey of innovation policies and technology transfer activated by the Tuscany Region (Italy) in the periods 2000-2006 and 2007-2013 is one of the tools to support the research project “Poli.in_Analysis and modeling of Innovation Poles in Tuscany”. In the first part of this paper we present a detailed review of innovation policies in Tuscany, by listing the calls, decrees and infrastructure created by the various policies, from the RIS and RIS +, implemented at the end of the 90s and early 2000s, to the last decrees issued in July 2014 on the basis of policies ERDF 2014-2020. On the basis of the legislation analyzed, we propose a timeline with a graphical representation where we highlight the relationship between the decrees, calls for funding and infrastructure created in the period 2000-2014. Where possible, the financial resources available to the region are reported. To define the purpose, the time evolution and the mutual relations between the entities and the infrastructure is the Glossary containing: the description of the infrastructure that facilitate or promote innovation; some definitions of the key technology transfer system in Tuscany; definitions of the services included in the catalog of advanced and qualified services. The Glossary is divided into three sections: Infrastructure or entities that facilitate or promote innovation; Definition; Qualified services. The sources used to prepare the report and the time line were those provided by the Region and, as a supplement, other documents and decrees that have been sourced from the official site of the Tuscany Region. As for the preparation of the glossary, in addition to the official documents of the Region of Tuscany we used also the corporate websites of the various entities described.

Keywords: innovation policy, research and development, technology transfer, technological districts, European funds, Tuscany

JEL codes: O25 Industrial Policy, O38 Technological Change: Government Policy, O30 Innovation; Research and Development; Technological Change; Intellectual Property Rights: General, R58 Regional Development Planning and Policy